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When you’re creating your new home, it’s important consider how you can add value to your build. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding an extension to your property, factoring in a verandah is a great option for those looking to maximise their outdoor space and increase the worth of their home for the future.

We understand that building a verandah can feel overwhelming at times. By investing in a professional verandah installer to take care of your project, you can erase concerns of unknown processes and ambiguous costs. With the experience of a specialised expert, creating your perfect plan for your home can become a streamlined, easy journey.

Continue reading to learn how engaging with a professional verandah installer can guarantee a stress-free build from start to finish.

Streamline your journey 

As you explore the possibilities of your verandah design, you may choose to start with selecting your materials and then opt to develop your plans with a separate builder. While this process could work, you run the risk of miscalculating your budget to meet the design goals of your project – resulting in extended timelines and miscommunication.

When you choose to work with a professional verandah installer, your creative direction will be translated into a viable, uncomplicated plan with clear project management expectations. Guided by an industry expert, your verandah can be brought to life within budget whilst accommodating for your home’s unique specifications. As an added bonus, a professional verandah installer can provide insight into the best materials to meet your unique vision without compromise.

At Innovative Verandahs, we offer an obligation-free on-site consultation with every build to understand your alfresco living vision and discuss your ideas.

Trust and Accountability 

When you select a professional installation, you are guaranteed access to your chosen builder throughout the entire duration of your project.

By opting for a reliable point of contact, you can anticipate transparent, clear communication as your build progresses. Avoiding unnecessary stress and misunderstanding, you can trust that they will manage all aspects of your project including acquiring council permits and quoting suppliers.

Our team at Innovative Verandahs also adds a 15-year Stratco structural warranty with each project to provide the utmost confidence in your new outdoor space.

Industry Insight

From assessing your site to creating a vision for your whole backyard, working with a professional verandah installer will ensure an outdoor experience that you can enjoy all year long.

We recommend selecting a respected company of professionals who embody their commitment to high-quality results with years of experience. Working with one team of experts will allow you to effortlessly integrate indoor-outdoor functionality into your existing home.

From visualising where your table setting will be placed to locating the position of your structural features such as sunken seating, an industry professional can offer unique knowledge for a seamless build. Not only that, but they can also share key information about maximising your home’s access to natural resources such as sunlight and shade.

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