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You wouldn’t use a room in your home for only six months a year, so why would you do that with your outdoor area? Installing a louvre verandah can transform any alfresco area into a year-round space, offering flexibility, additional living space and much more.

If you’re not familiar with this concept, a louvre verandah is an open-close roofing system that allows you to control the light and temperature of your outdoor area through moving slats. It is connected directly to your roof, creating an automatic extension of your existing home and living spaces.

A louvre-style verandah, like the Outback Sunroof, is one of the more flexible verandah designs, allowing for a wider scope of use. So why do we love them so much? Keep reading to find out.


The flexibility of louvre verandahs means you can adapt the technology based on the weather. Open the slats to allow sun in the winter or keep them closed to block harsh UV rays in the summer. A louvre-style verandah allows you to truly enjoy summer safely.

Keeping your louvre slats closed also provides protection from rain or wind when required. It’s perfect during Melbourne’s unpredictable cooler months.


The events of 2020 have meant that most of us are at home more than ever before – working, relaxing and socialising virtually with friends and family. This change has meant a functional outdoor area is more important than ever. Being able to control the amount of sunlight filtering through to your outdoor living space means you can continue to work as you adjust the glare on your computer and phone. You can also keep the temperature comfortable throughout the day.

When the working day is over, or the weekend rolls around, a louvre-style verandah means the space can seamlessly transition to an entertaining space.


The latest louvre-style verandah designs combine style and substance, creating a modern, stylish and timeless addition to any outdoor space. Products like the Stratco Outback Sunroof will look great on rainy winter days and hot summer ones, while also adding huge value to your home should you look to sell it in the future.


Should you be looking to transform your outdoor space with a louvre-style verandah, our team can help. Get in touch with the experts at Innovative Verandahs today – we’re working through stage 4 restrictions and can virtually guide you through the options to find the best fit for your home.

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