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You’ve probably thought a lot about the style of your new verandah, but have you considered the size?

The width, length and height of your verandah is a personal choice, one shaped by your backyard’s size, the style of your home and what you hope to use your verandah for. Depending on your lifestyle and age of your family, you’ll have different requirements and desires, which will also impact the type of verandah you choose.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide on the size of your verandah.

What will I use my verandah for?

Before you decide on anything, you should clarify what you’re hoping to use your verandah for. If it’s simply for the kids to play under or for you to relax with a wine on a warm summer afternoon, a smaller sized verandah might suit your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking at creating an entertaining hub, with an alfresco kitchen, fireplace and full outdoor living area, you’ll need to choose a larger size verandah – one that will accommodate large gatherings, equipment storage and a dining table.

How big is my backyard?

Another factor that will contribute to the size of your verandah is backyard space. If you have a slim or narrow yard, you won’t want to install a large verandah that overwhelms and encroaches on your precious green area. On the other hand, an overly tiny verandah may look silly if you have a large outdoor space. Choosing a verandah size is all about balance.

What style am I after?

There are so many verandah styles on the market, most of which can be altered to suit any backyard. But some styles are better suited to particular sizes. For example, if you’re looking to install a large verandah, a simple flat design like the Stratco Outback Flat may suit your home best. Other more intricate styles – like the Outback Sunroof or a gabled roof design – suit smaller areas as they allow for a feeling of spaciousness.

What’s my budget?

A bigger verandah will most likely equate to a more expensive verandah, as the amount of manpower and materials needed will be larger. Do your due diligence before you choose a size and gather quotes to learn how to get the most out from your budget. It’s often worth engaging a reputable installer, like an authorised Stratco dealer, to conduct a free on-site consultation before you finalise your decision.

How will my verandah impact the value of my home?

When installing a new verandah, don’t just think about the present moment; make sure you consider the future too – like how your new feature will impact your home’s value. A verandah is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home, but this will depend on the type and size of the verandah you decide on. To add the most value to your home, consider a versatile style and size, which will suit a variety of homeowners with different lifestyles.


Are you looking for more input on how to choose the perfect verandah for your home? Get in touch with the expert team at Innovative Verandahs today. As an authorised Stratco dealer, we can offer accurate advice and guidance on the best size verandah for your home.

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