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When it comes to installing a verandah, maximising your outdoor space and increasing the value of your home are key factors. Whether you’re looking to introduce an abundance of natural light or working towards making your home more energy efficient, integrating a skylight in your verandah is a great option to add an extra touch of practical luxury at home.

Providing cover for patios, decks and porches, verandahs featuring a skylight are not only ideal for shelter but also offer a wonderful opportunity to ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere year round. Here are four benefits a verandah skylight brings to your outdoor space.

Natural Light

As you explore the possibilities of your outdoor living area, you may start thinking about how to bring natural light into the space. More often than not, when homeowners consider providing shade from the sun, they realise that many roof systems will unintentionally reduce the amount of natural light. By integrating a skylight within your verandah, you can guide natural light back into your home to brighten all aspects of your space.

Whether your outdoor space is enclosed or open from all sides, working with a skylight in your design will also provide protection from the elements without compromising on the look and feel of your home. Rain or shine, implementing this lighting feature in your verandah design will freely admit natural light within your space and allow you to relax and unwind throughout every season.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to improving the quality of light in your living spaces, skylights offer a great energy efficient option to stay comfortable over time. While the structure of your verandah offers protection from harsh winds, your skylight can provide heat reflectiveness, UV protection, ventilation and a generous glow of light at no extra expense when installed correctly.

By minimising your need for artificial lighting, and heating and cooling systems, this cost-effective feature is an innovative solution for those looking to invest in sustainability and the future value of their home.

Increased Value

Choosing to install forward-thinking features in your home such as an outdoor skylight offers many benefits including increasing the value of your home.

Adding a skylight to your verandah enhances your overall home design and increases the value of your home, providing a low-maintenance alfresco area that allows for effortless entertaining for prospective buyers. With our wide range of Stratco Australia options, we can create a timeless and customisable design to ensure your needs are met for years to come.

Enhanced Outdoor Design

Showcasing skylights in your alfresco area allows you to create an open environment that feels more expansive and natural, and elevates the luxurious aesthetic of your home. At Innovative Verandahs, we understand how to craft timeless outdoor designs that align with the existing structure and function of your home. By collaborating with you from concept to completion, we can ensure your bespoke vision comes to life in a cohesive and practical manner that serves both your home and your lifestyle.

Interested in uncovering the full potential of your next verandah project? Get in touch with our expert team today.

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