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On the fence when it comes to installing a verandah? With Australia providing the perfect environment to enjoy indoor and outdoor living, the right verandah design can transform your lifestyle during the summer months to make the most of it!


Indoor outdoor living

The modern Australian verandah has evolved, becoming an extension of the home rather than simply an add-on. Outdoor kitchens, alfresco dining, and exterior furniture allows us to enjoy a fabulous outside summer lifestyle.

As indoor outdoor living experts, at Innovative Verandahs we help people understand the possibilities that backyards and sides of house areas offer to make the most of your block and optimise indoor outdoor living. Is your property being utilised to its full potential? Why not create or revive a go-to zone for relaxing fun?

Now is the perfect time to get onto installing a verandah that looks fantastic, and lets you live your best life this summer with family and friends. At innovative Verandahs, we answer all your questions around the process, so you’ll be kept up to date right from the planning phase through to the completion of your verandah build.


Defining your needs

The most important element of a modern verandah, is personalisation. At Innovative Verandahs we work with you to develop a full understanding of what you want and clarify your needs so we can provide the best options for you. Most importantly, we come on site so we can see in person the area’s prime usage options.

Interested in a play zone, alfresco dining, or a mix of functionalities? Is the space for private relaxing, summer entertaining, or both? We create a customised indoor outdoor feature that increases the liveability and value of your home.

Our free consultation involves a visit to analyse the light and orientation of your yard, discussions around height and design, and consideration of the best integration to your home. Verandahs can be innovative outdoor extensions of your living space and by understanding what you want and need ensures we create the perfect verandah for your lifestyle


The wonder of contemporary design

The Stratco Evolution range is a fantastic way to revolutionise how you enjoy your outdoor area, allowing your verandah to include design features including filtered light panels, a gabled or curved roof, and pergola system.

High quality Stratco integration alfresco solutions showcase seamless outdoor living. Premium materials like the Stratco insulated roofing panels ensure ceiling-like outdoor living coverage that looks incredible year round.

Some of our designs support flexible outdoor enjoyment with adjustable louver rotation. A louvered sunroof offers the freedom of sunlit breezy days in summer, and sheltered relaxation during rainy weather.


The power of shade

The addition of shading to the exterior of your home not only creates more space for your family to enjoy during summer months (without risking sunburn), but also has a positive impact in terms of keeping your interior temperatures consistent.

A well placed verandah helps your home be more sustainable with less sunlight directly reaching the structure air-conditioning usage is reduced and in turn, energy consumption is too.

Shading is appreciated by pets as much as family—especially as some outdoor paving can retain heat from direct sunlight, impacting vulnerable paws. Your furry friends will enjoy a cooler area to relax in summer.


Why us?

At Innovative Verandahs, we are experienced in concept to completion. Our practical and proven 5 simple steps make for a simple and successful building process. We can also discuss your budget and finance options, as well as help you deal with council requirements, ensuring you emerge a happy customer.

As North and West Melbourne’s outdoor living specialists, our friendly team channel your vision, using a 3D modelling program to visually confirm with clients the custom- design of your long-lasting verandah.

Our reputation is built on clarity, transparency, and performance. To discuss the possibilities of transforming your outdoor living environment, contact us at Innovative Verandahs to organise a free consultation.

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