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Considering an outdoor living makeover? Now is the perfect time to embrace the latest outdoor design trends, and ensure that your outdoor spaces are on point, all year round.

Our team at Innovative Verandahs in Melbourne is always at the forefront of the latest trends in outdoor living to sweep Australia, and our knowledge of how to design and construct beautiful outdoor living environments means we can easily translate trends into practical living solutions for our clients. So, what is the key outdoor design trend to watch in 2023? And how can Innovative Verandahs bring this to life? Read on to find out.

The Top Outdoor Living Design Trend

Key Outdoor Design Trend: Biophillic design meets alfresco

In recent years, biophilic design – the practice of integrating the natural world into our man-made environments – charmed the world, focusing on connection to nature ,and blurring the lines between interior and exterior elements. Fuelled by several years cooped up in our homes, creating the perfect alfresco space is now about the perfect meld of interior spaces and outdoor living.

Alfresco living can be a beautiful way to enjoy outdoor spaces, extending the living area of your home, and includes key features such as open-air structures and clever roofing designs, through to vertical gardens and the use of natural materials. What we love about the revival of alfresco living is the seamless flow from interior to exterior spaces, the way that it celebrates comfort and ease in the transition, and how it’s renewed focus is allowing us to create more memories at home.

How can Innovative Verandahs help you to embrace an alfresco life?

Extend the liveability of your home into your surrounding space with an Evolution roofing system. This option will allow your eating and lounging areas to function as luxurious home living extensions, and its customisations – including its shape, style, size, height and colour – will ensure a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

While once alfresco meant suitability for summer only, this outdoor trend is driving demand for all-weather solutions. Our fully adjustable and automatic louvered sunroof delivers the Freedom to open and enjoy the sun’s rays on bright days, or close when you crave the shade. If you appreciate a breeze, the louvres can be fully or partially rotated to provide shade, while remaining open for ventilation. This level of flexibility allows you to create an outdoor space with a fresh, gentle aesthetic to benefit your wellbeing in the moments that you need it.


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Our goal is always to pinpoint the perfect design for you and your family, that suits your lifestyle, and respects your budget. Thinking of rejuvenating your outdoor living space? Contact Innovative Verandahs today.

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