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When the weather gets colder, you’ll want somewhere cosy to escape; a haven of warmth and sophistication where you can forget the outdoor chill and embrace your stunning home. While this could be inside, there are many ways to create a functional and warm outdoor living space from which to enjoy winter.

Before the cool of winter really hits, you’ll want to make sure your home is fully winter-proofed so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the cooler months. Here are our top tips for preparing your outdoor space for winter:


When it comes to Victorian winter, heating is an absolute necessity in your outdoor living space. There are many different heating options to choose from – the first being a patio heater. Electric and gas patio heaters are a great way to provide warmth to your outdoor area. Electric patio heaters are generally less obtrusive and can easily be installed on the ceiling to allow an even heat dispersion. On the other hand, gas patio heaters are a great way to heat a larger area. They are generally portable and heat up quickly and effectively.

Another heating option is incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor area. This creates a more “authentic” outdoor winter experience in your space and means you will rely on wood or coal rather than gas or electricity. Fire pits are a great way to create a party atmosphere at your winter gatherings, providing warmth and a flame, meaning you can roast marshmallows as you mingle.


Adding a shelter or roof to your outdoor area is a great way to fight the wind and rain during winter. This will transform your outdoor living space into a dynamic and functional space that can be used no matter the weather. A pavilion or roof can be a great way to ensure your outdoor space remains warm, dry and usable throughout the year.

Our top tip? Opt for a rooftop cover that can be opened or partially removed during the warmer months so the sun can shine through. Browse our range of pavilion, sunroofs and permanent fixtures on our Facebook page here.

Light It Up

With the days becoming shorter and the cold setting in earlier, you’ll want to have adequate lighting solutions available in your outdoor area so you can see. There are a number of lighting options you could consider, the first being string lights and fairy lights. These are an easy DIY way to light up your space and add a warm, party-like atmosphere.

Hanging lanterns can have a similar effect, with all of these options available in a range of colours and shapes so you can keep things interesting. Candles are another way to simply light up your patio. These can also serve a functional purpose with citronella candles keeping mosquitos and other insects away.

Add a Pop of Colour

When the days are cold and dark, you’ll likely want a bright and colourful space to cosy up in. Patterned cushions and brightly coloured throws or rugs are a great way to keep your space inviting and interesting to the eye. Your winter guests will be sure to comment on the uplifting style of your space.


For more information about preparing your outdoor living space for winter, get in touch with the team at Innovative Verandahs today.

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