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After the tumultuous year that’s been, we’re looking forward to spending as much time outdoors as possible this summer. This means plenty of barbecues with friends under the verandah and entertaining guests over lunch, dinner and drinks in beautiful alfresco areas.

Summer is often when we make the most of our outdoor areas and as we head into the warmer months, there are plenty of tweaks you can make to get your alfresco space ready. Read on to discover our top tips for preparing your alfresco area for summer and elevating your outdoor leisure experience this year.

Cooling and shade

Summer means bright, warm and longer days, but Australian weather means that it can get extremely hot. If you want to enjoy your outdoor space, even as the mercury rises, it’s important to make sure your space includes a cover and fans.

Most verandahs come outfitted with a roof already but if your space only provides partial coverage and the sun is still shining in, we suggest planting trees or vines. You could also install an awning or timber battening for coverage.

For cooling, there are a number of portable options which you can purchase, but it may be worth installing a ceiling fan to your verandah roof.


Alfresco areas are made for balmy summer nights. This is why it’s crucial to have plenty of lighting options. To create a warm and cosy ambience, you can cover your area with fairy lights, lanterns, warm LED lights or even invest in a fire pit.

Solar lights are also a great option for the outdoors – especially in summer as they’ll have plenty of time to charge during the day and provide you with comfortable lighting at night.

Fun furnishings

Create a comfortable and fun environment that will draw people to the space through your furnishings. This means plenty of comfy couches, colourful decorative pillows, an outdoor dining table, potted plants, rugs, blankets… maybe even a pair of luxurious banana lounges!

Your alfresco area is the perfect place to let your personal style shine through, so don’t be afraid to play around with bright colours and bold textures that may be too harsh for the interior of your home.

Start gardening

It’s easy for our backyards to look a little worse for wear during the cooler months, but if you’re looking to entertain guests over summer, it’s time to start tending to your garden.

A beautiful, well-maintained garden will accentuate and add atmosphere to your alfresco area. Throw away all twigs and old autumn leaves, give the lawn a mow and plant plenty of colourful flowers that will bloom over the next couple of months. It’s also a great time to plant some veggies or herbs that will flourish over summer.

Revamp your alfresco area

Is your timber deck looking tarnished? Is your outdoor furniture covered in dust or dirt? Maybe your outdoor barbeque is covered in grime and grease? Give these areas a deep clean and have them looking brand new before the summer season begins.

You could use a single coat of lacquer or a timber oil to brighten up your deck, while dirt and dust can quickly be cleaned by hosing your deck and any timber or wicker furniture.

Looking to add a verandah to your alfresco area before summer hits? Get in touch with the team at Innovative Verandahs today!

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