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Australians love alfresco lifestyles, it’s just part of our DNA. So it’s only a plus when a well-chosen outdoor living design can also be a sustainable move that reduces your carbon footprint.

At Innovative Verandahs, we understand sustainable design is important to our clients. That’s why we offer an array of styles designed to help contribute to the cooling of your home, reducing your daily living emissions.

The benefits of shading

Did you know a verandah is an environmentally friendly feature? Installing a verandah or interior-to-exterior design supports sustainability, thanks to the follow-on effect of reducing a home’s interior cooling needs.

Increased shading is proven to help reduce interior temperatures by limiting a home’s exposure to the sun’s rays. Heat entering this way can become trapped, making summer days and nights uncomfortable.

For maximum effectiveness, verandahs or shading options need to account for the path of the sun. The angle can increase the heat absorbed by your home—especially if the sun’s rays are directly hitting the clear glass.

Shading and sustainability

Energy efficiency is an essential element of a sustainable home. That’s why smart shading and verandah options are a must in Australia’s climate, as a means to limit the use of air-conditioning in warmer months.

Reducing energy consumption is the goal, but an added bonus is the money saved. A well-insulated home that doesn’t store heat easily on hot days is more comfortable, and in the long term, more affordable to live in.

Today’s verandahs have evolved from simple designs of the past that used limited materials. Now technology has enabled builders to choose materials for verandahs designed to provide insulation as well as protection.

High quality shading

Materials matter when building a home, and your verandah and exterior features are no exception. Innovative Verandahs is an authorised Stratco dealer because our reputation relies on premium quality.

For integrated alfresco shading designs, Stratco Cooldek delivers on thermal performance. The insulated roofing panels create notable cooling, and offer significant lengths. Dimmable LED lighting is also a feature.

Stratco Cooldek allows you to both protect your family from the harsh climate, and create a fantastic aesthetic; high-performing materials integrated into stunning designs that always complement your home.

Achieving alfresco living

We believe in design flexibility that can transform everyday living habits. Our quality-built outdoor living areas can open up your home, getting you out of stuffy rooms, especially during the hotter seasons.

One of the positives of alfresco living is relaxing under our verandahs, enjoying the cool breeze, and outdoor light. A much “greener” choice than lighting, fans and cooling systems constantly burning electricity.

Alongside increasing time spent out of doors, an integrated alfresco zone also broadens your living space, introducing a deluxe new area. Sustainable practices, and a sophisticated lifestyle. What’s not to love?

A verandah for the future

At Innovative Verandahs, we focus on high-quality, contemporary roofing systems. We help you make informed choices around materials and design so the value of your home benefits from our verandah solutions.

Talk to our friendly team so we can collaborate on a verandah design that prioritises cooling your home. As Melbourne’s outdoor living specialists, we’re sure to find the perfect design for your budget.

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