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In Australia, your outdoor area is arguably one of the most important spaces in your home. As BBQs and being outside are intrinsically linked to the Aussie lifestyle, having a stylish alfresco area that you feel comfortable in is incredibly important.

As Victoria’s leading Stratco dealer, we understand just how to bring your garden and alfresco area to life. Here are some of our top tips.

Open Space

One drawback of a covered outside area is the potential for unsightly columns taking up precious space. However, systems like the Pavilion by Stratco are strategically engineered to minimise the number of columns and maximise the covered area, making the space feel open.

This will immediately make your space feel more comfortable, allowing for more natural light, cross ventilation and, importantly, more room for socialising!

Pay attention to the detail

Small details can make or break an alfresco space, especially if not considered in the earlier stages. One such example is lights – will they be integrated into your roof, like in the Stratco Pavilion, or will they shine from elsewhere?

Another is downpipes, as these can often look quite visually unappealing if added on at the end. Perhaps it’s worth opting for a design that conceals these? Considering these elements early on in the process will result in a highly sophisticated and elegant space further down the line.

Temperature control 

There’s nothing worse than not being able to use a space for six months of a year because of the temperature. Therefore, when choosing your original structure, make sure it has some type of insulation to keep the heat in over winter and out over summer.

The Stratco Pavilion features insulated composite roofing that’s finished with a ‘ceiling look’, meaning you don’t lose out on the design, but will remain thermally comfortable all year long.

Invest in good furniture

There’s no point creating a beautiful alfresco area if it’s going to suffer wear and tear within the first few months. Therefore, it’s important to invest in furniture and any materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions.

It’s highly likely that your furniture will get wet during the winter – even if covered – and suffer through the heat of summer, so anything you do buy must be able to survive these two extremes.

Less is more

Your outdoor space will be yours for years, so much like the rest of your home, it’s worth starting with a neutral design and building from there. Big ticket items like large furniture, pavilions and any permanent design features should be subtle background tones that can then be contrasted against and complemented by brighter pops of colour and different textures. This can be achieved through cushions, throws, cutlery, candles and any other accessories.


If the idea of a high-quality, low-maintenance and stylish outdoor area appeals, get in touch with our team today. We are currently offering 72 months interest free on products in the Stratco Outback and Stratco Pavilion ranges for the month of February, so move quickly!

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