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One question we get asked a lot at Innovative Verandahs is ‘how long will it take to install my verandah?’. Our clients are always surprised when we say that installation can usually be finished within a single day. While it may take plenty of hard work and manpower, we try our hardest to get the assembly done as efficiently as possible, so you can quickly enjoy all the benefits that a verandah has to offer you.

But, you still may have questions about the installation process. Keep reading to find out how we’re able to set up a verandah in your backyard.

Why is the installation so quick?

Simply put, we prioritise your job. We’re not running back and forth from multiple, different jobs. We are fully dedicated to installing your verandah with care, efficiency and skill.

We are an authorised Stratco dealer, meaning that the verandahs we install are fully engineered. They have been customised for your backyard already and require no additional cutting. Our job is simply to assemble the verandah for you. We have our own dedicated team, which means there are no delays caused by additional tradespeople and subcontractors. This is why it’s usually a quick and efficient job.

While a small to regular sized verandah will take around a day to complete, more complex and larger verandahs can take around 2-3 days. It all depends on the complexity and scale of your chosen verandah.

What do I need to do before installation?

However, there are a few tasks you’ll need to do before we’re able to install your wonderful new verandah. You’ll have to receive a building permit from your local council – which is a process we can assist you with. You’ll also have to wait as your custom verandah is manufactured by Stratco, and we’ll have to come do an onsite consultation to determine where and how we’ll install your verandah. During this consultation, we will:

  • Survey the site and create a vision for the whole backyard.
  • Visualise where your table setting and BBQ will be positioned.
  • Consider the backyard view and orientation, the sun’s position and natural light.
  • Discuss roof height and the desired level of integration with the house.
  • Work through any other style and design preferences you may have.
  • 3D modelling – to really bring the designs to life.

This is a process that is relatively quick, usually only taking around three to five weeks. 


Looking for an efficient and hard-working verandah installator? Reach out to Innovative Verandahs today.

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