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A verandah is an undeniable asset to your home, providing a much-needed space to enjoy the outdoors and convene with family and friends. It will also boost the value of your property, as a quality verandah is something that most home buyers are looking for.

But before you install your verandah, you might be wondering: ‘How will it impact my home’s insurance?’ While there is no black or white answer, there’s a few things you need to know about your home insurance and its connection to your verandah.

What is covered in home insurance?

While it depends on the type of home insurance you have, a home building insurance policy will generally cover permanent structures and fixtures in your home, including roofing, walls, and flooring.

As verandahs are usually attached to your home and are a permanent structure, they are commonly covered by this policy too. This also includes other permanent fixtures on your outdoor verandah including outdoor kitchen cabinetry and an installed BBQ.

What isn’t covered in my home insurance?

Usually, your home insurance won’t cover non-permanent fixtures in your home. Think of products like kitchen appliances, furniture and electronics. To protect these items, you’ll have to take out a Home Contents Insurance policy. When it comes to your verandah, you might want to take out additional insurance for expensive, non-permanent fixtures like outdoor dining sets, couches, sound systems, BBQs and fireplaces that are not attached to the verandah. This way, you’ll be fully covered in the event of a disaster!

When it comes to home insurance, we recommend seeking advice from your insurance provider to confirm.

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