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Perhaps you’ve recently bought a new home, or you’re enhancing an existing one, and you’d like to add some utility and flexibility to your outdoor area. Verandahs are a great way of doing this as they ensure your outdoor space is accessible all year round, keeping you out of the hard sun during summer and protecting you from wind and rain as the weather cools.

The beauty of verandahs is their versatility and customisation. You can modify their height, shape and features to meet your exact needs while accommodating the limitations of your space and home. One such option you’ll need to decide upon when choosing your verandah is the roof you’re after. Below we’ve explored two types of roofs to help you make the right decision for your home.

Flat roof

If you’ve searched up verandahs even just for a few minutes, you’ll know that the most common type of roof is a flat roof. A flat roof is one that’s completely horizontal, free from any inclination or curves. Flat roofs are popular for a number of reasons. They accommodate most house types and spaces, and their simple structure allows for a streamlined installation, making them very cost effective.

Cooldeks are a great example of a flat roof verandah, and they make an incredible shade solution especially for the warmer climates. They champion the flat roof shape, but include an insulated panel that allows for premium temperature control. The insulation also acts as a sound barrier, muffling the sound of heavy rain. You can tailor your Cooldek to your needs by including down lights, fans and even sky lights.

Sunroof louvres are another great example of a flat roof verandah. This shade solution leverages innovative technology that allows you to control the amount of sun or shade you receive by choosing your desired louvre position through a hand-held remote. When the louvres are shut, you’ll experience a ceiling like verandah, and when they’re fully open, you’ll be able to feel the cool summer’s breeze.


Then there’s the gabled roof. These types of roofs have a distinctive triangular pitch, forming an angular, house roof-like shape. Gabled roofs are a great way to add extra height and space to your verandah all while achieving an aesthetic result.

Their angular nature also helps with water run-off, and heat dispersion is also increased as the sun strikes the roof indirectly. If the gables are open from both ends, you’ll also experience increased airflow, so your undercover area is likely to be less stuffy on those hotter days.

At Innovative Verandahs, we not only install verandahs, but make sure they’re the right shading solution for you and your home. We’ll survey the site before picking up the tools, make recommendations and collaborate with you throughout the process. And we’ll always engineer your verandah to withstand your local weather conditions. So you can enjoy your shading solution for years to come.

Speak with one of our friendly team members today to chat about which verandah is right for you.

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