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As the warmer months roll in and the summer weather beckons you into the sun, you may be peering out to your existing alfresco area and wondering how you can achieve an outdoor oasis. At Innovative Verandahs we understand that the perfect way to spend your summer is in a space that feels like home and looks like dream. We pride ourselves on crafting an outdoor experience that will allow you to enjoy summer all year long.

Read on to find out more on how you can organise your dream verandah installation and get ahead of New Year rush.

Free Consultation & On-site visit

To get the ball rolling, our friendly team will organise a completely obligation-free on-site consultation. This opportunity will provide us greater insight into understanding your alfresco vision and allow us to inform our team of experts with all the key details and specifications for your custom outdoor space.

When we evaluate the logistics of your space, we will consider the following design aspects:

  • Availability and orientation of your space including the position of the sun and access to natural light components
  • Potential location of future entertaining areas and outdoor facilities
  • Effortless integration of indoor to outdoor functionality with your existing foundation
  • Assessment of any necessary council requirements and permits

Following the evaluation, you will receive a written quote within the first 48 hours of our site visit. Your tailormade concept will then be developed into a 3D model to bring your vision to life!

Permits & Plans

At Innovative Verandahs, our trusted team of experts will navigate all requirements for permits and plans. While this stage can be tough, we can ensure that you will remain informed and up to date throughout the entire process. You are guaranteed peace of mind as our terrific crew are highly skilled and experienced in managing all crucial assessments and procedures as we obtain your building permit.

With years of industry knowledge backed by expertise insight, our team can ensure you’re prepared for any potential paperwork and permits moving forward including:

Town Planning Permits – This type of permit may be required before you apply for a building permit.

Report & Consent – If your building project design does not meet the requirement of the Building Regulations 2018, we will need to apply for a council report and consent before a building permit can be issued.

Fire separation – When it comes to building on the boundaries of your property, we may require a fire separation report to cover all bases from every corner.

Finalising Contracts

As we finalise the paperwork, a HIA building contract is drawn up along with the final designs, engineering plans and your tailormade project specifications. Following these steps, a registered building surveyor will appointed to conduct a final inspection and certify that all our plans have been reviewed and comply with building regulations and issue a building permit.

Ordering Materials

After we receive approval to move forward, our team at Innovative Verandahs will place an order for your selection of custom-made materials from our suppliers at Stratco. We will collaborate with you to execute a final design and book an installation date that blends into your timeline with ease. While it can take up to 4 weeks, all you need to do is sit back and let the team at Innovative Verandahs deal with the processing of your finalised products, and update you on the progress.


In the final stages of the process, we remain focused in delivering a final product we’re proud of. You can expect all materials to be delivered the day before your installation date. Installing your custom design will vary from 1-5 days depending on the scope of work, quality of your existing foundation, and weather permitting.

During the construction process, we will need clear access to the work site and availability to power outlets. You are not required to be home on the day of installation, and we can guarantee that your home will be returned as found, clean and tidy.

Is it time to transform your outdoor space and install your dream verandah? Get in touch with Innovative Verandahs today!

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