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There’s no doubt a verandah adds joy to a home – it’s the perfect place to kick back and relax after a busy workday. Or dine alfresco-style and soak up the wonderful Australian weather, especially during the warmer months. But did you know that a verandah can add up to $20,000 of value to your home?

Here’s why.

An additional living area

A well-designed and functional verandah can quickly become an additional living area in your home. This is especially true if the space has lighting options, ceiling fans and heating systems installed, as you’ll be able to enjoy it year-round.

While a fully enclosed space does offer temperature control, your verandah doesn’t need to be a completely sealed room to add value. We are lucky to have a temperate climate here in Melbourne so even in winter, you’ll be able to host dinner parties, enjoy a coffee or just relax under your verandah. Having this extra space available will add many thousands of dollars in value to your home.

Australians love the outdoors

The ongoing pandemic has reconfigured how many of us use our homes. Spending so much time inside this year has seen many families learn about the importance of the outdoors for mental wellbeing and general health. So, having a designated outdoor space that is optimised for spending time in the sun or enjoying some fresh air has become extremely valuable – essential even.

Even before Coronavirus, a verandah was essential to the Australian lifestyle. Verandahs and outdoor area in general are woven into the fabric of how we spend time with family and friends – who doesn’t love to host a barbecue in the backyard or lounge around with a few drinks outside? As Australians, a verandah is crucial to our enjoyment, relaxation and leisure time.

Temperature control

Something many people don’t consider is the potential for a verandah to shade your home from the sun. This means your interior temperatures will remain more stable and you can reduce your reliance on artificial cooling sources. Not only will this save you money on energy bills, it will work to make your home more ‘passive’.

A verandah sells a lifestyle

People are generally drawn to a home because they can envision themselves enjoying a life there. For many, a verandah can help to conjure thoughts of lounging in the sun with a book, enjoying a coffee on a sunny morning, spending time with friends and family over a freshly cooked meal or lazing around on a Sunday afternoon. This is a lifestyle many aspire to enjoy on a regular basis.

Of course, a verandah will only add value to your home when it’s been built from high-quality materials and installed by a professional. Here at Innovative Verandahs, we are a registered builder and all of our verandahs come with a 25-year structural guarantee, meaning you can have peace of mind that your home’s value will remain high for years.

If you’re ready to add value to your home, get in touch with the team at Innovative Verandahs today and let’s chat about the possibilities today.

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