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The decision to finally build your dream alfresco living area can be a daunting one – what should you expect from the planning, design and construction processes? And how do you know who you can trust to bring your vision to life within your budget?

At Innovative Verandahs, we pride ourselves on providing a simple, tailored and high-quality service that gives our clients peace of mind, from day one all the way through their 25-year warranty. We recently sat down with previous clients, Lynne and Ross, from Woodend to find out more about the Innovative Verandahs customer experience.

Keep reading to find out what they had to say…

Innovative Verandahs: What made you want to build a new outdoor living area?

Lynne: About three years ago my husband and I decided that we would leave the rat race in the city and follow our dream – our children had all grown up and we stumbled across 50 acres of beautiful farmland and garden with an 1860s house in Woodend. We literally have Hanging Rock in our backyard here – it’s stunning.

We decided we wanted to enhance our home and maximise the views in our house so we would be proud to have our friends and family here. We had a beautiful area at the back of our house, but it just wasn’t being utilised – you’d sit out there and it was cold, it was wet and windy. We just couldn’t sit there comfortably for most of the year.

Innovative Verandahs: Why did you choose Innovative Verandahs?

Lynne: Ross and I looked at Innovative Verandahs and they were great. They were accessible, friendly and understood our brief exactly. They even matched everything to our existing home perfectly, which really surprised me. I was a little worried that the verandah would look tacky – I didn’t want any add ons or anything like that; it had to be seamless, and they definitely achieved that.

Innovative Verandahs: How did you find construction?

Lynne: The construction was amazing – I didn’t even know it happened. In the blink of an eye it was done. The whole process from having plans approved, through to the installation was not a blip on the radar.

Innovative Verandahs: How are you using your new verandah now?

Lynne: We are using it all the time! We have our breakfast out there, cocktails, drinks – it’s constantly utilised because it’s part of the house. It’s given us a whole new room, a whole new aspect. We’re going to put heating in soon, that’s our next stage, just so we can use it even when it gets down to minus 4. We really do enjoy every moment that we get to sit out there and enjoy views of the rock, have our friends and family over, host Devonshire teas and barbecues at night with a few glasses of local wine, from Hanging Rock of course! Overall, we just couldn’t be happier.

Innovative Verandahs: How were the Innovative Verandahs team?

Lynne: The team were fantastic – they were absolutely perfect. They tidied up – you wouldn’t have even known they’d been here; I couldn’t even believe it. The service, the quality and the workmanship, it was just exactly what we needed.

Innovative Verandahs: Do you have any advice for others looking to create a similar result to your home?

Lynne: I would say to anyone thinking about investing, improving or doing anything to enhance their home or lifestyle – you can’t go wrong with Innovative Verandahs!


If you’re thinking about installing a verandah and would like to organise a free design and quote, get in touch with the team at Innovative Verandahs. As an essential service, we’re still operating during lockdown, with strict social distancing procedures and enhanced hygiene practices in place.

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