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Outdoor living in Australia is hard to rival. With a beautifully warm climate, boundless plains of land and some of the world’s cleanest air, we are blessed with one of the best environments to enjoy the outdoors. Many people take advantage of these conditions with a verandah, deck or patio to spend time throughout the year.

However, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which style of outdoor living area will suit your home best. Whether you’re looking to install a contemporary verandah, or simply update your existing design, here are 5 verandah ideas to inspire your new outdoor living space.

1. Add blinds

While Australia as a whole has a wonderful climate, Melbourne is notorious for experiencing ‘four seasons in one day’. For those in Victoria, it can be a good idea to install fitted blinds in your outdoor living area for comfort, shade and protection from the elements.

This will also mean you can turn your alfresco area into an additional ‘room’ of your home – perfect for entertaining, relaxing and dining. Of course, you are always able to roll the blinds up, should you wish to let a breeze or sunshine into your space.

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2. Install a skylight

Natural light is directly linked to wellbeing, so we love the idea of including a skylight or clear panel into a verandah design. This means sunshine and light can shine into your outdoor living area, without the heat of the sun. Most skylights or clear panels are designed with a cool technology that reflects the sun’s heat away while allowing visible light to fill the space with less glare.

A skylight or clear panel is also a great way to ensure your outdoor living area remains bright and open, which will reduce your reliance on artificial lighting and mean you can utilise this area to its full potential throughout the day.

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3. Add an outdoor kitchen

One of the best ways to maximise your outdoor space is by installing an outdoor kitchen. This can transform your verandah from an area simply for sitting and relaxing to a multipurpose room where eating, drinking and cooking can be done in the one space.

We recommend a barbecue, sink and drinks fridge if you’re looking for the complete kitchen experience. Of course, easy access to your indoor kitchen is also important as you’ll need access to your fridge and pantry when cooking.

4. A seamless transition from the verandah to the pool

When you’ve got an outdoor pool, you want to be able to make the most of it – especially in summer! We love installing verandahs that open onto the pool. Not only does it add a nice visual element to the space, it’s a great way to keep a close eye on the kids while enjoying your alfresco area.

We recommend choosing a glass or clear fencing option around your pool to create a truly aesthetic look and feel.

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5. Lights, verandah, action!

While natural light is important, artificial light is integral if you plan to use your space after dark. Whether it’s a few large pendant lights, some custom-designed downlights or a string of fairy lights, lighting is a great way to take your verandah from zero to hero.

Even during the day, fairy or string lights can be used to create ambiance and add character to your space. For those looking for pest control, citronella candles are another great way to create mood lighting, while keeping flies and mosquitos at bay.

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