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Part of our “Why” at Innovative Verandahs is; we love it when families can get together and connect.

Whether it be over a cooked meal on the BBQ or some good old fashioned board games, getting outside and away from screens helps families to get closer, bond and enjoy the great outdoors.

Here are 5 things to do with your family and friends in your outdoor space

1 ~ Get the kids involved with cooking a BBQ! Get them chopping and mixing and marinating, they kids love getting involved.

2 ~ Set up a table tennis table and get sporty rain hail or shine!

3 ~ Collect some classic family games; Chess, Jenga, Scrabble, cards and more so phones go away and interaction comes in!

4 ~ Create a jar with lots of fun topics to talk about, and the kids can have turns picking out a topic to discuss at dinner. Get creative!

5 ~ Set up instruments and have a jam night with hot chocolate and a sing a long.

Learn more about what we do here ~ https://buff.ly/2P4E458

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