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Free Consultation

Once we are in contact, an initial onsite consultation will be organised. Completely obligation-free, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to envision your Outdoor room, as well as familiarize ourselves as we discuss your thoughts and queries.

While we are there, we will:

  • Consider the backyard view and orientation, the sun’s position and natural light
  • Visualise where your table setting and BBQ will be positioned.
  • Discuss roof height and the desired level of integration with the house.
  • Work through any other style and design preferences you may have.
  • Time frame
  • Council requirements.
  • Preliminary agreement to prepare plans for the proposed work prior to entering into a building contract.

We then transfer this design to a 3D modelling program to bring the design to life. A written quotation will be emailed out within 48 hours.

Pen Goes to Paper

The Innovative Verandahs team brings their experience and expertise to the plans and permits.

Permits can be tough, but when you are kept informed through the whole process it is simple.

You will have peace of mind knowing that there are a terrific group of highly skilled and talented people working together to create and design your vision and complete a full assessment in order to obtain a building permit.

For example:

Town Planning:  Is where the Local Council looks at what you want to do and decides if it is the right use or development for the area. Council determines if something is an OK fit for an area based on what is currently there and what they envisage for the future. The planning controls for a site determine whether a planning permit is required depending on the lands given Zone and Overlays.

Fire Separation: Fire separation is the method for protecting buildings from the spread of fire into adjoining allotments and/or buildings. The amount of fire separation required varies from the type of building and the distance to another building/allotment. Generally simple buildings as Dwellings and outbuildings ie. Verandahs, sheds and the like need fire separation if within 900mm of another allotment boundary. If your project is within the 900mm encroachment then you will have to install a fire wall or obtain a Fire Performance Solution (alternative solution) in lieu of a fire wall from a registered Fire Engineer.

Report and Consent: Report and Consent is required if your building project does not meet the requirements of the Building Regulations 2018, ie minimum setback requirements from boundaries, building heights, overlooking, easements etc. Report and consent is the process for consulting with and obtaining the approval of a reporting authority when building work may affect assets, infrastructure or amenity of the community.

Building Permits

A HIA building contract will be drawn up along with final architectural drawings, engineering plans and project specifications. A building permit is written consent from the Registered Building Surveyor, certifying that the plans have been checked and comply with the building regulations. It also indicates the main stage of the building work of which must be inspected, to ensure compliance with the approved drawings. This includes the carry out of a final inspection.

Material Ordered

Once the permits have all been finalised, we can then proceed with the order for your materials. Many elements need to be taken into account when executing a final design. This is where the magic happens and you get the most out of your patio. Once we receive confirmation of the material by Stratco then we can book in an installation date. This can take between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the product.

Verandah Installation

The final stage of the process is where Innovative Verandahs believes that perfection makes a difference. The material will be delivered a day before construction commences. Construction time usually varies from 1-5 days, weather permitting.

During the construction process Innovative Verandah will need clear access to site area and power. It is not necessary for you to be home on the day of installation, but it is exciting to see your outdoor transformation.

The site will be left the way it was found. Clean & tidy.

Our Mission

We want to help you step away from your hectic day-to-day life and slowly breathe in some fresh air. Our desire is to have you fall in love with your outdoor space, ready to be used all-year-round by friends and family, all the while being protected from the sun and the rain.

Expert Team

Our industry-leading team combine their specialised skill-sets in building construction, landscape architecture, and building design to to deliver a full service concept-to-completion quality outcome to properly meet the needs of our clients.

Our Guarantee

We ensure that each and every client feels that their very specific ideas and desires are our top priority. That way, we nurture a client experience that is rewarding and we deliver a quality outcome that is beyond expectations - all with the peace of mind of a 25-year Stratco Structural Warranty.

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