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A good verandah is all about quality. That is why it’s essential to select a reputable supplier and high-quality installer with a reputation for high-end products and exceptional customer service.

When it comes to Australian providers, you can’t go past Stratco. Stratco’s philosophy centres on crafting market-quality products and backing these with qualified installers who offer friendly service and advice. These independent businesses are known as authorised Stratco dealers.

At Innovative Verandahs, we’re proud to be an official dealer of these high-quality products. Keep reading to discover why we’re so proud to install Stratco verandahs throughout Melbourne.

A Product to Suit Every Home

While a verandah is a big part of making any house feel like a home, a verandah should suit your design in terms of style, shape and size. Stratco offer the widest range of products in the country, so you’ll most likely be able to find a product that is perfect for your home and outdoor living space.

There are also plenty of high-tech roof systems, including opening roof systems, so you can control the amount of sun exposure you receive.

Outback Sunroof Gives You Complete Control

One of our favourite Stratco products is the Outback Sunroof, which comes with a louvre roof, allowing you to electronically control sun exposure on your verandah. These adjustable louvres can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions – open them wide on a sunny winter’s day or close them fully on a cool rainy evening.

The Outback Sunroof means you can enjoy your outdoor area no matter what the weather, with the opening roof system allowing you to work, rest and play outside year-round.

Retractable Roofs are Perfect for Sunny Days

One of the essential features of a highly functional verandah is flexibility. With one of Stratco’s retractable roof systems, you’ll be able to completely open up the ceiling to enjoy the warm weather.

Like the Outback Sunroof, a retractable system provides protection when bad weather hits, but means you’ll can fully take advantage of splendid warm days. Retractable roof systems mean you’ll can make the most of outdoor living.

Australia’s Leading Verandah Builder

There’s a reason why Stratco is Australia’s top choice when it comes to verandahs. Their wide range of outdoor living products are unrivalled in terms of style, size, cost and innovation.

Stratco products are made for modern Australian lifestyles, and when installed by an authorised Stratco dealer like Innovative Verandahs, they’ll allow you to fully maximise your your home for leisure.

Only the Best Quality Installers

Stratco matches the quality of their products by only working with experienced and knowledgeable verandah installers known as authorised Stratco dealers. As Stratco patios and roof systems can be complex to install, this requires the expertise of a highly-skilled verandah expert.

The process of being made an authorised Stratco dealer is tough, so you can rest assured you’re working with the best of the best when it comes to Stratco.

If you’re ready to elevate your outdoor living area, get in touch with authorised Stratco dealer Innovative Verandahs today. Our friendly team would love to chat through your new alfresco space.

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