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Spending time outdoors is an intrinsic part of Australian culture, especially in the warmer months. However, with such high sun exposure, keeping these outdoor areas covered is essential. That’s where a louvre-style verandah comes into play. As an extension of your home into the outdoor space, it creates an environment where you can entertain, or simply enjoy family time, without worrying about the elements.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Beautiful Opening Roof Louvred Verandahs

Verandah design has come such a long way in modern times, moving beyond simple roofed structures to more intricate designs that better reflect the needs of homeowners. The louvre-style verandah is just one example of this – it is an open-close roofing system that allows you to control the light and temperature of your outdoor area through moving slats.

So, what are the benefits of installing this kind of verandah in your home? Keep reading to find out…

Opened Roof Louvred Verandah With Sun Coming in

1. Flexibility

The slats of a louvre verandah can be rotated, to encourage or restrict airflow based on your needs. On a dry and hot day in the middle of summer, you may opt to have them partially open to provide shade but still encourage ventilation. On a spring or autumnal day, they can be rotated to be fully open, allowing a generous cross-breeze. The flexibility of the louvre system means you can still enjoy airflow and shading simultaneously.

2. Reduce heat in summer

The sun can be incredibly intense in Australia, especially over summer, so shading is an essential part of any outdoor structure. A louvre-style verandah, like the Stratco Outback Sunroof, provides this protection without compromising on airflow, as it can be angled to provide shade while still remaining open.

3. Stay warm in winter

Just as it works to reduce the summer heat, a louvre-style verandah can also help maintain the residual heat in winter. Closing the louvres completely prevents heat that has absorbed into the flooring from escaping, resulting in a more comfortable temperature. Generally, louvres are better insulators than traditional pergolas, thanks to the design of the shutters.

4. Smart sensor technology

These days, all motorised verandahs are remote-controlled, meaning you don’t have to manually open and close the louvres when it starts to rain, or when the sun is particularly harsh. Some, like the Stratco Outdoor Sunroof, also have built-in sensors, so that when it starts to rain, they automatically close, preserving any furniture below.

Women relaxing in her outdoor verandah area with an open louver-style roof

5. Year-round access to your outdoor area

If there was a room in your home that you only used half a year, you’d start to re-consider its value almost immediately! The same applies to your outdoor entertaining area. A louvre-style verandah gives you the flexibility to use the space all year round, offering a cosy spot to enjoy family time in winter, or to invite friends over for a BBQ in summer. Whatever the weather, you can feel confident knowing this space is available for you and your family to enjoy whenever the need arises.


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