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Winter may still be in full swing but before long, the sun will be shining once more and you’ll be back to entertaining outside. This brief interlude in alfresco dining offers the perfect opportunity to refresh your deck, preparing it for the warmer weather ahead. Here are just three ways to update and design your outdoor living spaces during the colder months.

  1. Maintenance

As it is outdoors, your deck is vulnerable to wear and tear and can weaken over time. Threats include insects (termites, specifically); exposure to moisture; corrosion and any extra weight that may not have been considered in the original design.

Therefore, when working on revamping your deck, it’s essential that you first establish the safety of your structure. During this process, consider giving it a thorough scrub – it’s amazing what a clean or new lick of paint can do!

  1. Go Green

Plants aren’t just for the garden – they also make a great addition to any deck. Consider installing planter boxes with herbs or other shallow-root greenery, or source large pots for larger ferns or foliage. Fiddle-leaf fig trees, palms, and cordylines are all great options and will inject your space with an overall feeling of calm.

  1. Update the Look

A splash of colour can make a huge difference to the state of your deck. Replacing any fabric-based textures – such as cushions and throws – with something new is an affordable and easy way to refresh the aesthetic. Should your furniture also be showing signs of wear, consider replacing it – or simply re-arranging it! Natural materials, such as stone and timber, are never going to go out of style and are hardwearing enough for the outdoors.

Candles can also be a multi-tasking addition to any deck area – not only do they add ambient light, but in some cases, they can also act as an insect deterrent. Should an open flame be too much, why not try fairy lights?

Ready to create an outdoor space you’ll spend all summer in? Get in touch with our team at Innovative Verandahs to see how we can help transform your space.

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